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Review: Clancy's Fish Bar

Venue: Clancy's Fish Bar
Location: City Beach
Date: 29th December 2013
Rating: 2/5

While visiting City Beach after work we decided to pop in to Clancy's fish bar for a bite to eat and a drink. The outside of the restaurant looked lovely and the view overlooked the beach, perfect for a couples dinner. 
We walked in and asked for a table by the window, what we got was a table behind a table with a view. I assumed they had put us there because the table in front of us was for four people and didn't want us to take up that space. So we sat on a table of two, still able to see the beach....kind of. 

The interior was fantastic and themed really well. We loved the way they lit the place with these fantastic lampshades. 

We took a look at the menu, our first thoughts were 'christ thats expensive' and then we realised it was probably because the portion sizes were very generous and the fish would be fresh. Scott ordered the Salmon and I ordered the Barramundi. We also ordered some bread and dips to go with them. 

I have to say we were very unimpressed with the 'laid back' approach to their staffs service. Not one of the service staff cracked a smile, none had any chit chat or tried to build any sort of rapport with us and when clearing our table (one plate at a time!) they didn't even have the courtesy to ask if we had finished. 

Don't even get me started on the food, for starters they didn't have any barramundi left so I had to settle for greasy Hoki and get charged the same price. The amount we paid for the fish, we assumed it would at least come with chips or a salad....nope just a small piece of fish. The price for this small piece of fish was $19 each, we then asked for some chips (as we weren't made aware it didn't come with a side!) and we were charged $7 each for those. Others might not think this was very expensive but when you take into consideration the size of the meal, and the
 very unfriendly service, we did not feel the price was justified. 
Once we finished our meal our table was cleared but we were not asked if we wanted another drink, dessert or  how we pay. If the place was busy I would be more tolerable to this kind of service, however there wouldn't have even been 10 tables in there at the time we went in. It is safe to say we won't be returning, I would rather take a picnic and eat outdoors next time or drive to somewhere else in the city. 

To top it all off the same member of staff who seated us went and sat another couple on the large table in front of the window. So the reason I assumed they didn't let us sit there was incorrect, they were actually just incapable of suiting our needs. 

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